Elite paving the way to success

Elite paving the way to success

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” 

Herman Melville

What do we do?

Elite is an active group in the field of construction and operation of online or offline platforms. We rely on the expert and committed staff. Our headquarters is situated in Istanbul, Turkey.

We proudly have been active in other cities of the world based on each project’s needs. Our technical office is located in Iran, Tehran, Jordan district. Among our ongoing projects, we can mention a language training platform and the collection of applications related to job recruiting.

Elite’s Technology

Social media

managementCreating and developing digital media and providing low-cost access to platforms.

Content managing and blogging

Production of graphic and text content, teasers, commercials and industrial films, and motion graphics.


designing front-end applications and performance testing, and creating and evaluating user experience.

Search engine optimization

Content strategy and planning, technical and internal SEO.

Growth Hacking Services

Regular testing and changing strategies and routes based on the results of the collected data.